• Are you vegan? 

Yes we are, we’re also cruelty free, paraben free, chemical free and don’t test on animals, just beautiful humans. 


•If im sensitive, can I still use the diämondé products? 

Yes you can, in fact we’re formulated with sensitive skin in mind, as well as eczema and acne prone skin. 


• I’m oily why would i use an oil? 

Most clients that are oily think using oils to hydrate is bad, and it’s actually not, you can absolutely fight oil with oil. The more hydrated your skin is the less oil you’ll produce. 


•Does the glow oil have spf?, and will I get hyperpigmentation?

No our oils don’t have spf, and you will not get hyperpigmentation, as long as your using a separate spf. Our oils are formulated with a multi-blend of oils that help with hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Please use spf to keep your melanin protected at all times, and use our oils to keep it popping.